Process of removing tattoos

If reworking or covering up your tattoo is not an option, then you can look at laser removal. This is a very effective method of removal because it leaves little or no evidence of hyperpigmentation or scarring. Unfortunately, this method is very expensive. It would be advisable to use it as a last resort.

A tattoo artist will only go as far as making some suggestions for you. You are entirely responsible for the design or type of tattoo you get. Ensure that the piece you decide to go with will make you happy and proud for the rest of your life. The best tattoos are not cheap. The cheap ones are not even worth the ink they are made from. You may need to do some travelling to get to a good artist.

Take some time to weigh your options before getting a tattoo. Since these designs are permanent, it would be a good idea to go for a design that you wouldn’t mind living with for the rest of your life. If you have to include any wording in your design, keep it open-ended.

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Baking challenge

A week ago I started beard baking challenge versus my best friend Jimmy. How it came to that. Well it’s pretty simple. We were arguing about how hard is to make beard every day compared to just going to the store and buying one.

We couldn’t agree on what is better so we decided to test it. We will be baking bread at home for few weeks. He will bake his in the oven and I have the task to buy bread making machine and figure out how to bake with that. In fact I even think my task is easier than his, but heh, don’t tell him that.

I just need to spent few hours online to find best bread maker and just order it. When it arrives I will again scan the internet and find best recipes I could find. We see how will it go. I am looking forward to it. And I am not by any mean a cook. My wife is stay at home mom and she is always cooking every meal in our house as she is gluten intolerant.

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Bearded adventure

Started on growing a beard and I can tell you I feel great. It looks so awesome. Every girl I met so far said so. And of course my friends giving me hard time about it but deep inside they also love it. Now I am in a league of famous beards!

I did a small test of dying my beard to get a bit darker look. Using this guide. The results was great, not only it darken my beard hair it also made it look thicker and more full. It also hide my bald spot on beard.

I have to confess I had some problems with rash, but now I am rash free. I had to heal it for few weeks before it went away.

I will continue to grow it and I will blog more about it. There are a lot of products I didn’t tried yet and I am looking forward to it. Will keep you posted on my bearded adventure.

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Saving on water

A week ago we decided to try to save on our home water bill. We asked around our neighbor and found out that are we paying the most money for water including this tennis court that has to have water running 5-8 hours per day to water the fields.

That’s just unacceptable, so we went to shopping to buy best kitchen faucet that will save us the most amount of money. And boy, there are so many different types of faucet in the stores. We spend 7 hours looking, digging, testing to find the best one. The problem is this was the easy part. I am not a very good handyman. So it’s was really hard for me to figure it out how to connect and setup faucet. And as we were on the budget we didn’t want to call anyone.

But after 2 working days I am done and we are more than pleased with the result. Now it just to sit tight for the next water bill.

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Exercise your body

I am one of those people that just loves to exercise. It is in my blood, since I know for my self I was doing some kind of sports. Football, basketball, table tennis, badminton, swimming, boxing, gym, you name it..


rowing machinesNow my current obsession is rowing. I even got myself a rowing machine. Which is pretty funny because my gym has at least then of them Concept 2 machines. I bought it because I want to raw each and every day. I set it as my goal. Will report on how it went in few weeks or months.

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Bongs Bongs Bongs

Order completed. I just went to the glassbongsonline and got myself few more smoking accessories. I needed new grinder, better and more durable ashtray. Including brand new thick glass bong.

Now it’s waiting period that I hate the most. You know you got something but you need to wait for it to arrive. That always bugged me. Well it’s not like I don’t have any of thins new thingies, it’s just that now that I got this new stuff I want to test them ASAP. Oh well, I can do anything to get it faster. I will be patient and come back to write some things when I test all of the products. So stay tuned and you will learn something valuable. Have a nice day! And check out this cool bong designs.

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Enjoy the Music Everywhere

For a long time I had the problem of not being able to listen music everywhere. But as music is such a big part of my life I had to find the solution for it. I listen to music all day every day. Only instances that I was not being able to listen is shower, water, rain, etc. All things related to water.


Finally my friend Arsten, suggested me something I never thought about: Waterproof Bluetooth headset. Oh boy, I didn’t order anything faster that this. Waited them to arrive, and tested them. Dived into the pool for the ultimate test. And they passed.

I am so happy to find them, now I can trully listen to music 24/7. Even bought and mounted shower speaker. That’s what I call enjoying the life my friends.

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